Monday, July 30, 2012

Room Cleaning, Sword Fighting

Cleaning my room really means unpacking from college, which I haven't done yet. I'm not a fan of organizing in general, so I've been putting this off as long as I could. It kept getting more and more daunting until at some point I can't quite identify, it became the goal of my summer--indeed, my life as it stands--to clean my room.

So I documented this journey as it came to pass.

Cleaning my room didn't provide as many adventures as I'd hope. I resigned myself to the miserable monotony of responsibility and adulthood. 

Then, while trying to identify a strange mesh cloth on the floor, this happened:

Or maybe I fell asleep. I'm not sure. Either way, that's as clean as my room got. I'm going to stick with the ninja-vs-rogue battle depicted here as my reasoning, but spending forty minutes trying to suspend two swords in midair might also have contributed.

I'm leaving them there.