Monday, June 18, 2012

Harry Baggins and the Fellowship of the Ring Shaped Scar

Once upon a time (somewhere between Middle Earth, the year 2517, and a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), Malcolm Reynolds and Chewbacca embarked on a dangerous expedition to Rivendell, unknowingly beginning the first leg of a life changing adventure.

With them they had Harry Baggins, a hobbit with a ring shaped scar upon his forehead. Mal knew the moment he saw the scar that he must consult Dumbledalf, his wise wizard friend. Something about the boy from Privet Shire spoke of destiny. 

Mal, Chewbacca, and Harry Baggins found Dumbledalf waiting in Rivendell, where many of the great princes and diplomats from across Middle Earth already sought his counsel. 

Harry Baggins glanced around, daunted by such a prestigious gathering. Jaime Lannister stood straight in gold armor, golden hair shimmering with the breeze. Batman and Garrus brooded silently, though their dark eyes suggested constant vigilance. Reepacheep, a chestnut mouse of surprising girth, composed himself with great dignity, and his sword seemed almost a part of his furry form. Rand Al'thor, from the neighboring Two Rivers Shire, loomed over the rest of the gathering at 6"4, with a confusing combination of red hair and improbable tan skin. 

Needless to say, Harry Baggins was intimidated. Even Chewbacca's comfortingly soft arm around him did little to ease his mind. If so many great men had left their home to seek Dumbledalf's advice, Middle Earth must be in a bad state, indeed.

The gathering of greats found Harry Baggins intimidating, as well. His ring shaped scar of destiny beckoned to all of them. They recognized its power, and danger, immediately. 

After many hours of discussion, most of which had little to do with Harry Baggin's scar and included a lot of political information that they never worried about again, they came around to the topic that would determine the fate of Middle Earth.

They needed to destroy the ring shaped scar. They would forge a fellowship, with the sole purpose of chucking the ring shaped scar into Mount Doom.

They rushed to ready themselves for their journey, which would take them into the heart of the evil realm of Ganondorf, Dumbledalf's evil green counterpart. All the hope of Middle Earth and the future rested on this fellowship of nine. 

To Be Continued.