Friday, April 3, 2015

Passive-Aggressive Farting

Sometimes people infuriate you, but you can't justify yelling at them. In these moments, a silent but aggressive fart will make them suitably uncomfortable and avoids direct confrontation. And the best part: 90% of the time it's socially unacceptable for them to acknowledge your silent stinky attack. So they just endure it. In silence.

Don't you think seven frozen pizzas is a bit much? Passive aggressive farting Sammy and Bob
Mr. Zat, why is your hair so big? Passive aggressive farting Quills and Frills
Thanks for holding elevator. No problem what floor? 2. Passive aggressive farting Sammy Quills and Frills
Kyle: hey can't make it tonight. I made other plans, sorry. Hello? Passive aggressive farting texting
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