Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Haiku Contest Winners

I recently ordered some Quills and Frills merchandise from my Cafe Press shop to see if the physical products looked anything like the sample pictures (surprisingly, it all came out great). Of course, then I needed to figure out what to do with three magnets, three bumper stickers, a t-shirt, and a wallet. Most of the stuff quickly found homes (with me), but I pitched my followers on Facebook against one another like gladiators to win one of the three bumper stickers.

The prize:

The challenge: Write a haiku about dinosaurs, wizards, or creepy things cats do. 

The winning haikus were so awesome I had no choice but to illustrate them. So enjoy some guest poetry from Lillian Leonard, Nancy Hazelwood, and Peter Booth! 

Lillian Leonard

Nancy Hazelwood (Buttons's dialog added by me)
Peter Booth (I added the duck stuff).

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