Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Great Big Bushy Beard

Today marks the beginning of No Shave November, or Movember, an important occasion for those who secretly aspire to be a mountain man or a hobo. Also those who want to advocate men's health. All those things apply to me, so this month I'm going all out.

I'm just missing one thing.

What's that, you say?


So to help keep me focused, I have created a few tentative sketches of how I plan this month to work.

October 31, last shave, and first time I get to wear my sky pirate costume. Tricorner hat, thrift store lingerie worn on top of my clothes, and steampunky-looking motorcycle goggles, check. Just missing a beard.

Movember 8. I was so excited to actually have the appropriate goggles for a steampunk costume that I never took the costume off. I'm going to be a skypirate forever. Beard growth thick and luscious by the 8th.

Movember 30. 
I have achieved nirvana. 
Beard is strong, stronger even than me. I no longer feel hunger, weakness, or disappointment. Just beard.



If you're on the edge about whether or not to go in for No Shave November this year, this video should help you make your decision. It' so beard.

Also, I accidentally googled bear while trying to google beard, then I thought it was the best mistake I ever made and looked up bear beard. Feast your eyes on these inspirational images, carefully selected amidst a mass of very butch shirtless men with facial hair.


Found this piece of awesome at Build a Beard, which is a tumblr loaded with exciting beard news. 

And finally, to conclude my hour and a half of googling beards, some resources so you can make an informed decision about your facial hair:

The National Beard Registry You can literally register your beard.

Most importantly:  The actual Movember website, with information on efforts to use your beard as a weapon against men's health issues, like this guy!

(I wonder if he confuses people when he tells them his face is bear.)