Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rainbow Farts and Hedgehog Memes

In a fit of productivity, I made Quills and Frills merchandise! They can be found here:

It's a little overpriced, but I'm broke and this is the only place that didn't charge any upfront costs before I could slap the image on virtual items.

(This is my favorite). There's a plug-in on the sidebar, but I'm still figuring out how to link it to the shop instead of just one item. The link above should work for now.

In other news, I gave Fletcher to a science teacher as a result of sudden and violent allergies and because I'm not sure I could use an Epi-pen if it came down to it, which now makes the name Quills and Frills outdated. I'm keeping it anyway since quills can probably apply to pens, too! 

Here's Fletcher's farewell picture: 

He's now frolicking with a bunch of seventh grade science students. Godspeed, my friend.

In other, other news, this happened: 

Fletcher somehow magically became a popular meme for "Doesn't matter had sex." Those are our futon's sheets, ketchup from corn dog nuggets, my arm with a jacket Codependent Lab recently ate, and that's Fletcher's racing stripe. It's one of the top image results when you google "doesn't matter had sex" or "hedgehog meme." No idea how this happened, but Fletcher became a bigger internet sensation than I did just by doing dirty things with a brush.