Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't Wanna Grow Up

Dad suggested I replace my ringback tone--"Bravely Bold Sir Robin"--with a standard ring since I'm a grown up now and will have professionals calling me.

My heart broke. He was right, of course, and it made me realize a lot of my lifestyle has abruptly become inappropriate. Dying my hair blue, dressing up for Renaissance fairs, running everywhere barefoot, collecting silly sunglasses and hats--all staples of my existence! Grown ups don't do those things. And if I get a house and paint giant murals all over it, it won't look like a big girl house. It'll look like a playground.

I guess I thought when I was a grown up I wouldn't want to do those things anymore. Only all of a sudden I'm out of college and I didn't stop doodling brontosauri with wings farting rainbows, and all my other friends are wearing blazers. I don't even know what a blazer is--whenever I hear about one I imagine a jacket that's so sexy it's practically on fire. 

(I wasn't very popular in middle school, so this was kind of a big deal)

So I'm making this post to say this disturbs me and I'm sorry grown ups have to act all hoity toity to impress other grown ups. Maybe we can make a movement and appreciate one another's tattoos or video game tshirts and not worry about being all mature! Because I want to wear neon heels when I'm fifty and not be judged.