Character Sketches

I used to feel really weird cartooning myself. It involves breaking your face and body into caricature and neglecting anything remotely involving an ego. Fortunately my self-esteem and I have been through this so many times that we're like old friends that give each other shit sometimes but are still cool the next day.

This is Bob (he made an appearance in my Grayland Goodbye post). He's been a good sport about letting me draw him eating pickles and sandwiches suspiciously. 

People look funny in swimsuits when there isn't water in the immediate vicinity. Even if everyone is heading straight to the beach, they look like they're walking around in underpants.

"Oh hello hot stuff, I missed you so much today. Stop interrupting, Bob. I'm talking to your bicep."

I drew this for a friend to reflect our unwavering adoration of the restaurant Chow House in Richmond. He had it hanging on his fridge six months later when I went to his birthday party and I almost cried. I haven't had someone appreciate my art enough to hang it on a fridge my whole life.

A sketch for a possible comic book idea back in 2012. She lives in a crashed space ship on an island and was raised by wolves. When she's nervous she can transform into a flying squirrel. I have no idea where it was going but I kind of want to find out.